True Star Spotlight: Christopher ‘Lock’ Lockridge

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Christopher Lockridge, also known as Lock, is a 20-year-old True Star member. With his outgoing personality, Lock has taken full advantage of the True Star experience by getting involved with a variety of programs including our production team, our photography squad, and the freelance journalism team. Lock currently attends South Suburban College and is studying communications. He is the perfect True Star participant to represent the fundraiser for our 20th year celebration – True Star Rising.

Keep reading to learn more about Lock’s story and experience as a True Star!

Because of his go-get-it attitude, Lock was voted True Star’s 2023 MVP.

*How long have you been a part of True Star? 

I’ve been a part of True Star for about 2 ½ years now, going on three years this August.

*What made you want to join True Star?

Before True Star, I was just a football player, and then once senior year [of high school] came around COVID hit. I’m someone who likes to move around, so when I discovered True Star I decided to give it a shot. I’ve always been interested in media, so it was the perfect opportunity for me.

*How did you hear about True Star?

I had a sibling, Michael King, who worked with True Star in the past. He joined through After School Matters.

Lock serves as the True Star staff writer and photographer for the Chicago Sky at-home games.

*How did your True Star discipline spark a passion for learning?

Just from True Star not approaching their programs like school and providing hands-on work experience rather than just throwing it in your face, and you not being able to fully grasp the concepts you’re being taught. You’re shown a profession at True Star, so you actually learn.

*What is your ideal career?

I’m pretty much open to anything. Initially coming into True Star I was interested in becoming a radio host, but then along the way, I ended up picking up different skills, specifically photography. I’m open to being a radio host, sports announcer, or even a photographer for a brand.

Since being with True Star, Lock has built up an impressive portfolio of work that includes a variety of notable people such as Lil Durk.

*How has True Star prepared you for your future career?

Just from teaching me everything I need to know. From photography to podcasting, I’ve learned so many different things. Also putting me in the room with different companies where I can make the connection and even build clientele just through networking.

*How have you benefited from being a member of True Star? 

I gotta say, I’ve benefited from forming new connections and building my clientele. It’s a thing going around – “Everybody knows Lock.” I don’t know how that started. True Star keeps me busy and gives me the vision to see different opportunities for the future while giving back to the youth. Just in general, True Star gave me a plan B that included more than just sticking to football.

*What has been your favorite True Star experience so far? 

It was not too long ago, when I was at the Summer Smash concert with Dasia [Garner]. It was a friendly competition. Dasia was challenging me to see how good of a photographer I am. So she challenged me to shoot in the mosh pit. That’s gotta be an Olympic sport, because it was hard to do. I almost died! It’s easy to get trampled from getting pushed around. It was a tough challenge, but I was able to get some good pictures out of it.

Summer Smash mosh pit pic of Playboi Carti.

*How has True Star contributed to your success in life so far? 

Again, it’s building you to be your own boss and preparing you for the future. Even going to financial literacy events, and connecting with professionals to see how different brands and organizations work. So, I’m getting a feel for that at a young age compared to many people. True Star emphasizes that you can be a good employee and even an entrepreneur with or without a college degree.

*What advice do you have for people interested in becoming a part of True Star?

Start with one thing, then branch off and do as many things as possible. Stay focused on your goals and be consistent, because you never know where it can take you.


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