True Star Improves the Lives of Youth, a Point B Case Study

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In under-sourced communities across Chicago, True Star Foundation improves the lives of youth by providing the on-the-job training to create, produce and work in the media industry. Since True Star was founded in 2004, more than 10,000 students have received on-the-job-training that puts them on a trajectory to rewarding careers. Students also produce True Star media, which has grown from a newsletter into two quarterly magazines, a blog, a YouTube channel, a radio show and—a digital platform where young people create the content. Now, students don’t only create media; they also advise and execute business strategy, conduct market research, and develop marketing campaigns for a diverse clientele. The demand for their services often exceeds True Star’s capacity—a good, but challenging, problem for its small staff to solve.

When Point B learned True Star was looking to grow in a strategic, sustainable way, we offered to help chart the path to “True Star 2.0.” Our partnership is part of Point B’s Community Lift Program, which provides pro bono consulting to nonprofits making a difference in the communities we call home.

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