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Jakyla Hester is an active member of True Star’s Production Team and the face of our end-of-year fundraising campaign Unlock What’s Possible.

After showing an affinity for editing and content creation, Chicago native Jakyla Hester has become an active content creator and editor for True Star’s Production team. Since then, Hester has had the opportunity to become the lead cinematographer for the 2023 Flip the Script Film Fellowship program, where she had the chance to work in a team consisting entirely of young women. This 20-year-old now teaches high school students video production, sharing her skills with the youth in her community.

In case you missed it, Hester was also one of the featured comedians at our 2023 Stand Up for True Star benefit. But another reason why Hester may look familiar is because she is the face of True Star’s current end-of-the-year fundraising campaign, Unlock What’s Possible. Keep reading to learn more about this TRUE STAR.

*How long have you been a part of True Star?

I have been a part of True Star for a year and a half.

*What made you want to become a part of True Star?

I wanted to become part of True Star once my mentor, Jennifer Maddox, began telling me about the program.

*How did your True Star discipline spark a passion for learning?

True Star sparked my passion for teaching by being hands on with teaching me everything I know, and also by having a great instructor – Sylus Green.

*What is your ideal career?

My ideal career is to be a movie director or being a director of a great show.

*How has True Star prepared you for your future career?

True Star has prepared me tremendously by putting me in the real work field, shooting two short films and allowing me to become a cinematographer.

*How has True Star benefited you?

By being able to have a teaching position at a high school teaching video production.

*What has been your favorite True Star experience so far?

My favorite experience at True Star so far has been being able to bring my best friend along to learn photography, and shooting two short films with him and all the other young females.

*How has True Star contributed to your success in life so far?

So far, True Star has contributed to my success by adding to my skill set and teaching me so many more ways of life and providing opportunities.

By Amaar Zarrieff, Freshman, Howard University } Instagram: amaar.fz

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