Senator Robert Peters Visits True Star’s HQ

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State Senator Robert Peters came to True Star headquarters to hang out with us and see all the good things we are doing for Chicago youth! He was given a tour of the office where he met the staff and was shown the day-to-day activities that take place. True Star’s junior staffers gave a presentation of the work they have produced and they also did an on-camera interview with the senator.

Working in the 13th district, which ranges from working class people to some of the most wealthy and riches in the state, Peters’ goal is to ensure that residents have access to the things they need to be prosperous.

“My vision for the district is to make it so that whether you live downtown or you live in South Shore, you have what you need,” said Peters.

He understands that the needs of some of the communities across the city, especially some of those in his district, greatly surpasses that of others. Regardless, he wants residents to be comfortable and able to succeed with minimal struggle.

“I fundamentally believe that in order for us to have a safe city and a safe state that you’ve got to provide people with good health care, you’ve got to provide people with good jobs, good schools. You’ve got to make it so that they can get from point A to point B relatively easily,” said Peters.

Peters also understands the role that an organization like True Star plays in the success of those in the city, especially in underserved areas. He noted the importance of there being a safe space like True Star already in existence where young people can talk about imagination and even communicate about personal trauma in a healthy way.

“In order for you to understand yourself, you’ve got to be able to talk about it, talk about it powerfully and to have the space to do so. Just seeing [TS Headquarters] and having been here and watching this, this is unbelievably beautiful, and we need to continue to grow this and push this,” said Peters.

Before leaving, Peters took a group photo with the staff, which was a wonderful way to end the visit. It was great to meet and interact with Senator Peters, and we hope to have him back at True Star’s headquarters soon.

By Cierra Lemott, Columbia College Chicago Alumni

Instagram: @cece.kodak / @kodakscamera

X: @LemottCierr

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