‘Good Day Chicago’ Visits TS Headquarters

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Brian Jackson, Good Day Chicago anchor at FOX 32 News, stopped by True Star headquarters to get more information about True Star’s 20 years of empowering youth.

McLeary Sherman gives Jackson a tour of TS headquarters.

This year marks True Star’s 20th anniversary. That means two decades of mentoring underserved youth in and out of Chicago, providing jobs and opportunities to compete in today’s workforce and building connections that will last a lifetime.

When discussing his time at TS HQ for the first time, Jackson said the experience “blows my mind.”

Jackson talks to True Star members Christopher Lockridge and Marquis Sewell about their experience in the program.

“I work at a TV station every single day, so to see the access to this type of equipment that students get to work with here, it is very inspiring,” Jackson said. “I feel like the future of journalism and storytelling is going to be in some great hands.”

Jackson even offered a few tips of wisdom for youth journalists: “Get used to being told ‘no’ and keep going anyway,” he said.

“I was reading a quote this morning where it says, ‘Bloom where you’re planted.’ Wherever you are in your current space, just keep doing the work and trust the process. It’ll work out for you in the end,” Jackson said.

Good advice from someone who knows.

By Cierra Lemott, Columbia College Chicago alumni

Instagram: @cece.kodak / @kodakscameraX: @LemottCierra
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